19/03/2018 by Eleftheria Charalampopoulou

Carlo Scarpa

“If the architecture is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing.”

02/02/2018 by Eleftheria Charalampopoulou

Valentine's day

Either you have already found your other half or remain proudly single, Saint Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to cheer up, celebrate and... enjoy treating your significant other or even yourself with a gift! 

27/12/2017 by Eleftheria Charalampopoulou

Happy holidays with Marblellous!

During these days there is one concern ... "What gift to take?" 

If that is the case, then don’t worry, Marblellous is here for you!


23/11/2017 by Eleftheria Charalampopoulou

Check out our Marblellous new furniture!

We are very excited to finally present our new furniture collection!

05/07/2017 by Periklis Stavrou

Marblellous in France!

Our Bowing Lamps will be part of Meet My Project's exhibition in VIA, Paris.

17/06/2017 by Periklis Stavrou

Marble delicacies in New York sweets pastry shop

Minas Kosmidis [Architecture in Concept] team rebranded the flagship store of a well-know pastry chain in Nicosia, Cyprus.

13/05/2017 by Periklis Stavrou

Lee Broom’s 10th birthday.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Lee Broom's studio, the designer presented a wonderful marble clock.

14/01/2017 by Periklis Stavrou

Pick a date, pick a country and attend a Marble fair

Open your calendars, set the dates and book your tickets for stone industry's most famous fairs.

11/10/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou


Are you in Shoreditch, London? You must visit Athena's and Kotero's unique store. 

21/05/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou


Could you ever believe that a chocolate made out of marble would look so real? 

23/04/2016 by Periklis Stavrou

Best of (Marble) in Milan Design Week 2016

What inspired us in Milan Desing Week 2016

11/04/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou

Nendo for Marsotto Edizioni

"The table is precisely stable due to the weight of the leg section and its appearance of instability in turn provides a new expression of agility to the marble." 

29/03/2016 by Periklis Stavrou

Alex Seton’s Marble World

Scuptures that make you wonder if they are really made out of marble. 

10/03/2016 by Periklis Stavrou


Marblellous participates in Creaid with the BOWING LAMP. 

25/02/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou


Marble doesn’t always have to be the protagonist in a project. It can be inserted in the design in a more discreet way without losing any of its glamour.  

10/02/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou

Inspirational designer: MORENO RATTI

Moreno Ratti is a designer of the younger generation who indulges in one sole material and devotes his work to it, and the material he has chosen to highlight is not other than marble.

02/02/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou

Is design set in stone?

We were so happy to follow the design competition Is Design Set In Stone which was organized by P.Pnevmatikos Marble SA and Vakalo Art and Design College. The students were required to design a furniture or a utility product using marble as the basic material. 

28/01/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou

The Marble Objects of Lee Broom

“Designing has always been such a strong passion of mine, so to be able to do this for a living makes me feel very lucky”. Lee Broom

22/01/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou

The Berlin Wall

The impressive wall in the flagship store of VIU in Berlin, is a characteristic example of how magnificent creations can be done by taking advantage of the physical properties of marble. 

14/01/2016 by Filio Pnevmatikou

Inspirational designer: PATRICIA URQUIOLA

The collection EARTHQUAKE by Patricia Urquiola aims to keep track and memory of the Emilia earthquake of May 2012 that affected many local businesses, including the one owned by Budri, the manufacturer producing these beautiful objects.

02/12/2015 by Filio Pnevmatikou

Inspirational designer: PAOLO ULIAN

You won’t be able to find an artist (at least of the youngest generation) more closely related to marble than Paolo Ulian.


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