The website (hereinafter: “Website”) has been created by the company MARBLELLOUS – Pnevmatikou Triantafyllia daughter of Pantelis, Online Decorative Items Trading (hereinafter: “MARBLELLOUS”), established and operating under Greek Law, registered in 2nd Fleming Str., Varkiza, Region of Attica, Greece and legally represented, for the provision of information and retail sale of “MARBLELLOUS” products to Website Users.

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions regarding the use of the Website. Each time you use the Website, you agree that you accept fully and without reservation the terms and conditions contained in this document and pledge to comply with them. In the event that you neither agree nor accept the following terms and conditions, you are kindly requested to not proceed with the use of the Website.

“MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to amend or renew these terms of use, with or without notice, at any time and without liability. In the event that the use of any service of the Website is subject to specific terms of use, the latter shall apply jointly with these terms. In the event of conflict, the specific terms of use shall prevail.

These terms constitute the overall agreement regarding the use of the Website and replace any previous agreement or representation in relation to “MARBLELLOUS” and the User.

Those who have full legal capacity under Greek Law are entitled to use the Website. The use of the Website by minors is permitted only with the express consent of the adults in custody of them, who are responsible for the protection of minors. “MARBLELLOUS” is not responsible or liable for any use of the Website by Visitors/Users who do not meet the above properties.

“Person” defines a natural person, a legal person and, where the possibility is provided for under Greek law, an association of persons recognised as having the capacity to perform legal acts but lacking the legal status of a legal person.

“Website Visitor” defines any Web user who visits the Website “MARBLELLOUS” without taking any action of registration to the e-shop or placement of an order.

“Website User” defines:
A) Any person registered and/or placing an order in the e-shop.
B) Any person placing an order in the e-shop without registration, using the “guest check-out” procedure.

The Website is the online shop (e-shop) for the display and marketing of “MARBLELLOUS” products under an independent pricing policy, terms of payment, supply and delivery of “MARBLELLOUS” products.

Visitors are able to view photographs and prices of “MARBLELLOUS” products.

Ιn addition to the aforementioned, Users are able to place orders in the e-shop by registration or via the “guest check-out” procedure without obligatory registration.

Users who wish to register select “CREATE ACCOUNT”. Users register only once by entering a selected Username and a secret Password.

Users either having registered with a Username and a Password or wishing to place an order via the “guest check-out” procedure may:

  • View the products in their “SHOPPING CART”. Users may buy products, change the type or the quantity in their relevant order.
  • Finalize their orders and pay in accordance to the payment methods provided by the e-shop.
  • Users registered with a Username and a Password also may:
    - Modify their Account Information, as the latter is laid out in detail below.
    - View their orders history.

“MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to modify the service, or discontinue the service, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice, at any time and without liability. In every event of use of any e-shop-provided services by Users, the latter are considered having unreservedly accepted fully and the terms laid down in this document and having unreservedly acknowledged that “MARBLELLOUS” online shop is not liable for any modification, postponement or interruption of the provided service. All orders placed before any temporary or permanent interruption of service shall be carried out properly.

A. Information registered upon new User registration
The following information is required for the registration at the e-shop: First Name, Surname, E-mail Address, Business Name or Name of Company, Address, Postal Code, City, Region, Country, Fixed-Line Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, Additional Information regarding the payment and the execution of the order. The same information is required for the placement of orders in the e-shop via the “guest check-out” procedure without User registration.

The information above is necessary for the processing of orders by the e-shop and is at the e-shop disposal for the sole purpose of processing Users’ orders. “MARBLELLOUS” the above information for the purpose of executing and handling, in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in this document, (i) the delivery or the ordered product/products to the delivery address (ii), User confirmation and identification, (iii) the presentation of new products offered by “MARBLELLOUS”, (iv) the sending of special offers by “MARBLELLOUS”.

B. User Information usage by the e-shop
The ability of the e-shop to collect personal data is restricted to Users who:
1. Have placed an order to the e-shop and
2. Have registered via the e-shop Website.

The collection of Users’ personal data is necessary for the support of their online transactions through the Website, i.e. shipping of purchased “MARBLELLOUS” products and receipt of specific services such as orders history, address list etc.

“MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to keep and edit a record of the personal data Users submit voluntarily via the registration procedure, in accordance with the applicable provisions on the protection of individuals with regard to processing of personal data.

Website Users acknowledge and accept record-keeping and processing of their personal data for the purposes, for which the latter was submitted to “MARBLELLOUS”. Information is gathered through the Website for the purpose of verification regarding the number of visits, the clarification of Users’ demand on more products and Users service and executing of transactions between Users and “MARBLELLOUS”.

When Users submit personal data during their visit or use of the Website, they irrevocably accept and consent with regard to the use of their personal data by “MARBLELLOUS” and its agents.

Users are exclusively liable if any third party personal data is submitted to the Website without authorization, as well as in case any false, incorrect or inaccurate data is submitted for the purpose of deceit or misleading.

“MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to use or communicate Users’ personal data, if required by law or in show of good faith, when such action is considered necessary for (a) compliance with rules and legal provisions, (b) the protection of “MARBLELLOUS” rights and/or property (such actions may include, but shall not be limited to, cases in which false or inaccurate orders are submitted, (re)payment of orders etc).

In case Users wish to modify their personal data or submit requests regarding the removal of personal data, they may contact “MARBLELLOUS” by e-mail to or by calling on the telephone number +30 2291090779. Users may also change or correct personal data through “MARBLELLOUS” registration page.

Users prepare their orders by adding the products they wish to purchase in their “SHOPPING CART” by following step-by-step the procedure, as provided in the Website.

After having been asked to confirm their order, shipping address and invoice sending address, Users are requested to proceed to payment by choosing one of the payment methods indicated.

“MARBLELLOUS”, on its behalf, guarantees the protection of confidentiality of the transactions.

“MARBLELLOUS” uses its best endeavours to ensure the good functioning of the e-shop. However, in no event does “MARBLELLOUS” guarantee that the functioning of the Website/ its servers and/or third websites by which its content is transmitted, will be uninterrupted and functioning properly, free from viruses and/or similar malicious software. Hence, “MARBLELLOUS” shall have no liability or responsibility for any potential damage inflicted to the Visitors/Users of the Website or to third parties relating to the functioning of the above.

“MARBLELLOUS” expressly states that it cannot and shall not be obliged to monitor the safety and content of third websites. However, if “MARBLELLOUS” becomes aware of any fact, which at its discretion is contrary to law or the present terms, it is entitled to suspend, interrupt or terminate the access to any website.

“MARBLELLOUS” commits to deliver its high quality products in appropriate packaging for their safe transport.

“MARBLELLOUS” is held liable solely for willful misconduct and gross negligence, in the event of delay in delivery of ordered products and for information or services provided by “MARBLELLOUS” through the Website.

At the moment of order, Users are obliged to state the shipping address of the products sold (“Shipping Address”). Sold products shall be delivered to the shipping address, accompanied by a copy of the relevant invoice and consignment note. Shipping shall be carried out against receipt, with the recipient's signature on all relevant documents. “MARBLELLOUS” is obliged to issue a retail sale receipt or invoice. If a User wishes the issue of invoice, he/she is obliged to express their wish at the moment of order.

For the purposes of product shipping, “MARBLELLOUS” is entitled to use services of any express delivery company (“courier”), depending on the shipping address designated by the User, according to the usual – per case – deadlines for delivery as determined by the express delivery company (“courier”). It is agreed that the delivery may be delayed: a) During periods of increased commercial traffic, b) Due to adverse weather conditions or other impediments to access the shipping address, c) In any case of force majeure.

I. The e-shop has been designed as to allow and assist Users to make selection decisions regarding the products sold. However, Users are entitled to return or change the purchased product(s) in an easy and quick way under the following terms:
1. The request of return must be submitted within 14 days of the date of receipt of the order.
2. The packaging must remain intact and at its initial (manufactured) state.

II. In the event that Users wish to return the purchased product(s), they are invited to inform “MARBLELLOUS” within 3 days of the date of delivery. In this event, Users are further entitled to return the purchased product(s) and to claim the refund of the sum as provided for under Greek Law with regard to consumer protection (right to withdraw from contract), under the following 2 terms. For any product(s) return(s), Users are obliged to contact “MARBLELLOUS” by e-mail to , within the aforementioned deadline, requesting the return of the product(s) against refund. No returns shall be accepted unless the User has not used the product(s). The right to return extends to the total of the order placed by the User and may not be executed in part of the order (e.g. partial refund). In the event of any product(s) return(s), the User is obliged to include upon sending a copy of the retail sale receipt or invoice, issued at the moment of the initial purchase.

III. In the event that Users wish to change the purchased product(s), they are invited to inform “MARBLELLOUS” within 3 days of the date of delivery. For any product(s) change, Users are obliged to send an e-mail to “MARBLELLOUS” to , within the aforementioned deadline, requesting the change of the product(s) with another product(s) of their choice. In the event of any product(s) change, the User is obliged to include upon sending a copy of the retail sale receipt or invoice, issued at the moment of the initial purchase.

No changes of custom-made products by “MARBLELLOUS” or products sold by “MARBLELLOUS” in response to a special order shall be accepted.

If the price of the new product(s) is higher than the price of the returned product(s), Users are obliged to pay in advance the difference between the two amounts which is due to “MARBLELLOUS”. If the price of the new product(s) is lower than the price of the returned product(s), “MARBLELLOUS” is obliged to create a credit account in the name of the User according to the following provisions. Users shall be able to redeem the credit on their next purchase within 4 months.

IV. The procedure for returns or changes will be as follows:
Users contact “MARBLELLOUS” by e-mail to or by calling on the telephone number +30 2291090779, requesting the change or return of the product(s).

Users package the product(s) in a container (or several containers, depending on the number of the products) so that the product(s) remain(s) safe during transportation. Users are also obliged to include a copy or the retail sale receipt or invoice of the initial purchase, issued at the moment of the initial purchase, in the packaging.

Users send the package using the services of the express delivery company (“courier”), by which they received their initial order, to the following address: Marmara P.Pnevmatikos, 34th klm Athinon Souniou, Agia Marina Koropiou, 19400, Athens Greece.

Users shall solely bear the expenses of packaging and sending. Expenses of packaging and sending shall not be reimbursed.

If the return is deemed necessary due to the fault of “MARBLELLOUS”, the company shall bear the full cost of returning and sending the appropriate product(s).

V. In the event of non-fulfillment of any of the conditions above, “MARBLELLOUS” is entitled to consider that the right to change or return has not been validly exercised, case in which “MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to deny the return or change of the product(s). In this case, the product(s) shall be returned to sender, the latter bearing the relative cost in total.

VI. In the event that Users validly exercise their right to withdraw, as subject to the conditions above (Article II of this document), the refund shall take place within 30 days in the form of credit of the relative amount to the credit card account that the User has submitted upon placement of the order.

VII. “MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to change or amend its return policy without notice. Changes or amendments to “MARBLELLOUS” return policy shall not apply to pending orders.

For more information regarding return or change policy, Users may contact “MARBLELLOUS” by calling on the telephone number +30 2291090779 or filling the contact form at or by e-mail to

The Website shall be available 24 hours a day. “MARBLELLOUS” is not responsible or liable if the Website is not available for any reason and at any time or for any period of time. Access to the Website may be suspended temporarily and without notice in the event of system failure, maintenance or repair or for any reason beyond control by “MARBLELLOUS” and on grounds of force majeure.

E-shop Visitors and Users shall have the following obligations:

1. To use the Website lawfully and appropriately and to abide by the codes of ethics provided on the Website and/or the relevant legislation. To refrain from any use of the Website’s content and services which is illegal, opposing to business ethics, illicit and/or abusive and to refrain from conducting any actions or omissions that could result in damage or malfunction to the Website or to third parties (such actions or omissions may include, but shall not be limited to, criminal offences considered in the Greek Criminal Code and/or special penal laws, actions or omissions referred in telecoms laws, legislation regarding the protection of personal data as well as the relevant provisions laid down by applicable EU Law, the relevant provisions laid down by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission, the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and any other Public or Administrative Authority or Department).
2. To not infringe any forms of third parties’ intellectual property rights.
3. To provide true, correct and complete Account Information upon registration. To update their Account Information so that the latter corresponds to the Users’ true current personal information. In the event of ascertainment of inaccuracy in a User Account, “MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to immediately deactivate the Account.
4. To keep their “MARBLELLOUS” services Account Password secret and to not disclose it to any third parties. Users are also obliged to inform “MARBLELLOUS” immediately about any unauthorized use of their Password or their Account by e-mail to “MARBLELLOUS” reserves the right to seek compensation from any User, in the event of any damage caused by any arbitrary and/or illegal use of the above. To confirm that they have signed off their Accounts at the end of each session.
5. To provide correct and accurate Payment and Shipping Details for any orders placed in the e-shop.

“MARBLELLOUS” Website uses cookies as part of the facilitation and functioning of the services provided through the Website, as well as to ensure the integrity of the registration procedure. Users may adjust the settings of their browser application to deny cookies, if they so wish. Possible Users’ choice to disable cookies may lead to reduction / impairment of the Website’s interactive capacity and to loss of information transmitted.

The entire content of the Website (such content shall include, but shall not be limited to, text, graphics, photos, digital recordings, programs, source code, news, articles, information, data, charts, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive marks, names, logos, product names, company names, etc.) is intellectual property that exclusively belongs to “MARBLELLOUS” or to other suppliers of content and is governed by the applicable Greek, EU and international intellectual property and copyright law and is available to Visitors/Users strictly for personal (non-commercial or profit-making) use.

All kinds of copying, reproduction, transmission, storage, processing, distribution, sale, issuance, execution, download, translation or modification in any way, release, dissemination or any other use of the whole or part of the Website’s content in any way or by any means, for commercial or other purposes is permitted only after the prior written consent of “MARBLELLOUS”. “MARBLELLOUS” reserves its rights to exercise every legal and/or contractual right erga omnes.

All other trademarks, product names, company names, graphics and logos that are registered trademarks, and copyrighted products by third parties or products incorporating intellectual property rights by third parties and are displayed on this Website belong to their rightful owners and fall within their own sphere of responsibility. Their appearance on the Website is not and should not be construed as transferring or granting any license or right of use.

Marble, as the main material of “MARBLELLOUS” products, is a natural material mined and enjoys optimal level of processing by “MARBLELLOUS” in accordance with the rules of the trade and with the good practices in the respective field of activity. Each product’s item may present slight differences from another item of the same product with regard to colour, shades and patterns, which may result in variations to the final product as compared to the photo samples. “MARBLELLOUS” guarantees that such variations neither affect nor are due to the processing quality and are a natural characteristic of the material. “MARBLELLOUS” is not responsible or liable for the aforementioned variations. The aforementioned variations shall not give rise to User’s right to withdraw or right to return the product.

These terms and conditions are governed by Greek Law, EU Law and the relevant International Law provisions, as applicable and interpreted in accordance with the rules of good faith, business ethics and the economic and social purpose of the right. Invalidity of any of these terms or conditions shall cease to apply, without affecting the validity of the other terms.

Any omission in the exercise of a specific entitlement or term by “MARBLELLOUS” under the terms of this document shall not constitute or imply a waiver of the entitlement or term. The Courts of Athens are competent to resolve any possible dispute arising from this document.


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